Velvet is the term used to describe the elk antler before it starts to calcify. It is called velvet because of the soft, fuzzy covering that it has. A truly renewable resource, velvet can be harvested from bull elk every year. The animal is not harmed or killed for its product.

Velvet is most commonly used as a treatment for arthritis and joint pain. Recently, the ability for velvet antler to "support and restore joint structure and function" (as a result of osteo-arthritis) was substantiated by scientific evidence. Other studies and research are now revealing an impressive array of reported abilities of velvet antler to positively influence aging, immune support, mood disorders, blood enrichment, side effects of chemotherapy, bone and muscle growth, health sexual function in men and women, and increased energy levels.

Everyone here at Bartel Farm not only believes in the power of elk velvet, but we have experienced it. Our son, Joshua, has suffered from JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) since he was 12 years old. He tried many things over the years and decided to give velvet a try. Within two weeks after he started taking elk velvet, he noticed dramatic changes in his joints. His swelling and pain decreased and within six months he had no active problems and very little pain. Joshua continues to take velvet and swears by it.

Don takes 2 Original capsules daily. From time-to-time, Don must do physical labor during the day. These days, he might take an extra one at lunch time to help boost his energy levels. Gayle also takes 2 Original capsules daily. She spends much of her time at a computer and has had problems with her hands and fingers. She notices the effects of the velvet more when she doesn't take it. Even Hazel, the dog, gets some velvet when she starts limping. And in no time at all, she is back to her obnoxious self.

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